Allow us to wish you a worm welcome in our restaurant with some of the Istrian brandys, pure grappa, mistletoe brandy or grappa with honey, enjoy in the relaxed atmosphere, dance in the rhythm of the music and enjoy the rich flavors of the Istrian traditional cousine…

We offer dishes typical for central Istria prepared in a traditional way based on old recipes. Some specialties of the house:

  • Ham and cheese (from sheep or cow)
  • Istrian Minestrone (soup with corn, potatoes and beans)
  • Gnocchi (potato dumplings, with veal sauce or venison sauce)
  • Fuži (Istrian noodle) with chicken goulash
  • Makaruni (Istrian noodle) with prosciutto and mushrooms
  • Cooked cabbage
  • Beef medallions in mushroom sauce
  • Roast veal, roast pork, roast lamb…
  • From the grill (sausages, slices of beef…)
  • Fritule (istrian donuts)…

Enjoy these specialties even more with a glass of wine!

Contact information

Obrt za ugostiteljstvo Staver
Krculi 5, 52341 Žminj, HR

T: ++ 385 52 846 638
F: ++ 385 52 846 596
M: ++ 385 98 323 680

E: [email protected]

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